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Dealing with Lawyers Worldwide Awards has been a pleasure.

I dealt with Sue and Nina really pleasant ladies and very professional.

our magazine came out straight away and we was very pleased with our editorial.

About Us

Lawyers Worldwide Awards are a dedicated team of professionals who analyse the worlds Lawyers and Advisors to seek out the very best from each company.

Our professionals spent countless hours making sure we provide accurate and persist awards for each individual for each sector worldwide.

Here at Lawyers Worldwide Awards we send out around 100,000 voting forms worldwide for each awards to find out who are the very best in there specified industry.

We are always updating our systems to make sure that we keep up with the current industry and the way it is working to provide the greatest experience for everyone involved.

Here at Lawyers Worldwide Awards we have:

2 managing directors

1 editor

1 art and design specialist

Who all strive for the very best

We all thank you for being a part of Lawyers Worldwide Awards